About Tigger
Oct 08, 2018
10 Weeks
Nov 30, 2018
Dec 19, 2018

Tigger's Story
Love to run around and play all day? My name is Tigger and I will be your perfect match! My favorite pastimes include jumping around, chasing balls, and collecting all the toys my brothers leave around and putting them in my bed. I love treats and am already picking up on sit and high five. Stay is a little difficult because I love being right next to my humans. I love going in my crate for quick power naps between play times. While my foster parents are away, I'm cool just laying in my crate with a couple good toys. I love running around outside, and I'm picking up on potty training quickly.

Its so much fun playing with my brothers, and my big foster brother, so a family with anther dog would be perfect. The cats at my foster parents house are fun to watch, but I know I am not suppose to chase them. In the morning, after going potty outside, I don't mind a quick cuddle session before I start my day playing with toys. If you think I would be a good match for family, please fill out an application.