Support I'm blocked from the wiki?
That's not even my IP.
I just noticed that's a local IP.
That's odd. We got a huge wave of spam and I nuked 3 people, but it seems it went a little overboard. The weird thing is that you were specifically whitelisted, but I guess it didn't care. It should be fixed now.
On an off-topic note. Your server is up using the same port as merlin's tower. Password and everything is the same. Merlin's tower is still there, just not running because of the CPU issues.
It's a local/LAN IP so it's probably something on your end. Are you sure you're not passing wiki traffic through something with that IP?
Yep, that is going to be the issue. It is pulling the container IP instead of the remote address. I can fix that though. In the meantime, I unblocked the 3 users that would potentially cause this issue. With fingers crossed, this should now work for you. Sorry about that.
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