Support Editing wiki fails
Trying to edit the server list portion of the Ladle page on the wiki. More specifically, updating "" to "" produces errors similar to:
[e2610e47] 2018-11-27 00:07:20: Fatal exception of type MWException
Can I have the URL of the wiki page you were editing?
I will look into this more, but I attempted to make your change, and everything worked fine for me.
Nelg, I have been unsuccessful at finding your bug. Has this happened again since, or do you have a way to recreate it? I also monitored the error log for approx. 8 hours today and saw no errors at all.
I was able to find some of these problems by trying to do things as non-admin or not logged in. I have upgraded the wiki, so now hopefully our problems are solved. I changed the theme as well because I don't know how well it could come over, so this is the theme I'm going to start working from. It is mobile friendly, so it's a start in the right direction.
I apologize for not getting back to you before you upgraded the wiki. I don't really check these forums on any kind of regular basis. (perfect opportunity to ask for an 'Unread Posts' feature, right? ) Also, at the time, I did check to make sure the same IPs were used for both the lightron wiki and the armagetron wiki (they say it can take up to and more than 24 hours for a DNS to work across all DNS services, right?) because I thought I could possibly still be using the broken wiki. What I can say, though, is that I was able to create a new page on the wiki later.
That's not a problem because I was able to confirm there were definitely problems that came over. Upgrading got rid of all of the errors I was able to find, so I hoped it would fix yours as well. Before I got the wiki, I was able to make some changes and not others, so maybe creating a page was one that actually worked, while the edit you attempted to make caused a problem. Who knows .. at this point, I'm just guessing because I wasn't able to reproduce your actual error. On the bright side, we are now mobile friendly, and we have the latest updates for MediaWiki, including a bit of security bug fixes. Regardless of the actual reasoning for the start of this, we have fixed bugs, become more secure, and are now mobile friendly. It's a step in the right direction. As a note to your unread posts. I'm assuming you want some sort of feed or subscribe option. I haven't bothered too much with that because these forums haven't been used much. That is something I could do though if we end up with a need for it. In the meantime, you do get the flames for unread posts, so that is a quick way to see if something is unread when you visit the site, or refresh the homepage.
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