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sw_g has been crashing servers on purpose with his bot "freepoints." Do you know about this/ how one would stop this? Seems to be any server. After he makes the bot do something then leave the server, it causes the server to go down and everyone is kicked out, and then the server comes back up a minute later. He's been doing it after being polled and kicked for being a problem player in whichever server, spamming and being rude.
If you see something specific he's doing to cause the crash, you could bring it up on the Armagetronad forums, but from your explanation there's not a lot anyone is going to be able to do. More than likely it's either spamming actions or DoSing. Either way, you will want to contact the owner of the server and see if they will do something to handle it. Every server is privately hosted by different users, and we don't have control over how they are run. Sorry I can't be of more help, but that's how servers are managed in this game and we do not yet have any official servers.
That issue has been corrected.
Quote: nelg
That issue has been corrected.
Thanks. Marked this resolved.
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